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Renting FAQ’s

As a tenant, when I have signed the lease what documents will I receive?

You will receive for your records:

  • A copy of the lease – this includes emergency contact details for the agent and emergency repairs
  • Information regarding renting in QLD
  • Copy of the bond lodgement
  • Entry condition report (to be completed and returned to the office within 3 days)
  • A receipt for the initial 2 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond
  • Copies of keys/remotes

What happens when the lease expires?

The date of expiry for the lease will be on the front page of your lease. Two months before the lease expires the agent will contact you to request if you would like a lease renewal. The owner of the property has the right to renew the lease or issue the appropriate notice requesting you vacate the property.

It is important that you discuss with your agent if you wish to continue living in the property before the lease expires. If you wish to vacate the property, please ensure you provide the agent with the appropriate notice in writing.

If I need to break my lease, what is the procedure?

If you need to break your lease and leave the property, it is advisable to do everything you can to find a tenant to replace you. The agent or owner is not under any obligation to accept the application from your replacement, especially if the individual does not pass all the relevant tenant checks.

If the replacement is approved, they must not move into the property until a final inspection has been carried out by the agent and all paperwork has completed to transfer the bond from your name to the new tenant.

What happens if I need to leave the property before my lease expires?

In this instance, you are responsible for all reasonable expenses incurred by the agent to locate a replacement tenant, this includes paying the rent up to and including the day before the new tenant moves in. The new tenant will still undergo the same application process as you did.

If you have to leave the property before your lease expires, ensure you advise your agent, providing as much notice as possible so we can begin advertising the property. If you do not advise your agent, this may result in a loss of bond due to expenses being incurred for cleaning/unpaid rent etc. This is not good for you in the future as it can mean a bad rental history record.

What happens if the owner wants to sell while I am still on a lease?

You should receive a Form 10 that advises you that the property is on the market. The selling agent then discusses with you the method for carrying our inspections for potential buyers eg. Inspect by appointment or open homes.

Once the property sells to an owner occupier (the new owner wants to move in) and your lease is still current you can stay in the property until the expiry of your lease. You will then be provided the appropriate notice to vacate the property.

Should the property sell to an investor (they don’t want to live in it), and you are within the terms of your lease, you will remain in the property until the expiry of your lease. Your agent will then discuss the lease renewal process with you at the appropriate time.

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