Homes4Rent is an independently owned Southeast Queensland agency that prides itself on being purely property management focused.

Tenant Selection Process

Being secure in the knowledge that your investment property is being cared for and that the tenants are paying their rent on time, are the two main concerns that owners generally have. After all, you are building your portfolio of properties for long term investment.

The process of tenant selection is vitally important when assessing their affordability and their potential to live in a property. We take pride in the steps that we take to ensure we have selected the right tenant for your property.

The team at Homes4rent are well versed in reading applications and assessing their suitability for the property.

Many agencies state that they have the 100 point ID check – Homes4Rent use this system as a base for approval, however, its learning to read between the lines that make our tenant selection process so much more comprehensive.

  • Yes, we ensure the tenants can afford it
  • Yes, we check their income details
  • Yes, we check their current rental reference

But we go above and beyond those means of verification. For instance, their current rental reference, is this through an agent or could it be a private rental reference through a family member? Of course, the family member will provide a glowing reference.

You can be rest assured that Homes4Rent will provide you with the full story behind the application – if we are not 100% happy, we will tell you and, in the end, it’s your decision if you wish to proceed with that tenant. Alternatively, let’s wait until we receive a more solid application – this may save you money in the long run!

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