Homes4Rent is an independently owned Southeast Queensland agency that prides itself on being purely property management focused.

Homes4Rent Application Process

Completing an application can seem like a daunting process however, we use ‘2Apply’, which makes the process of applying really easy.

Rental application forms used to be painful. We’ve streamlined the process to allow tenants to fill in the form once and use it in as many applications as they wish.

A few points to remember when completing your application:

  • Ensure you complete the application in full. The application will not come to us until everyone has fully completed.
  • State a start date that you would like to move in.
  • Follow the instructions regarding the ID required – remember that as much information that you can provide us as possible, ensures that we are giving the owner the full picture and makes the decision process a lot easier for the owners.
  • Income – agents are primarily there to ensure you.
    • look after the property and
    • you can afford to pay the rent
    • We are not being nosy when we ask questions like ‘do you have any savings’, ‘do you receive any other form of income’, ‘can a family member act as guarantor’ – if you have a good application but the affordability is not quite there, we will suggest a few different ways to assist you in being the successful applicant.
  • Guarantor – if we do suggest a guarantor for your application, they must complete an application and ID, the same process as you, and they will be named on the lease
  • We can never have too much ID. The more open you are with us, the more it helps your application.
  • TICA – if you have been listed on TICA before, generally owners will not accept your application as this can affect their insurance.
  • Pets – please ensure you disclose if any pets will be living in the property, we will find out if they have been kept at the property without permission.
  • On approval, you will be requested to attend a sign-up appointment – please ensure your work colleagues are aware that you will be required to have some time off/extended lunch break to attend.
  • At the sign-up appointment, the minimum that we can accept when signing the documents is 2 weeks rent – the 4 weeks bond is then required prior to collecting the keys
  • Initial payment of 2 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond – by bank cheque or Credit Card. This is to ensure we receive cleared funds prior to handing the keys over to you
  • Lastly, full disclosure of who will be living at the property is vital! Anyone over the age of 18 must complete an application with the relevant ID, whether they are going on the lease or just an approved applicant
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