Homes4Rent is an independently owned Southeast Queensland agency that prides itself on being purely property management focused.

Landlord FAQ’s

Common FAQ

In conjunction with The Essential Services that Homes4Rent offers, some commonly asked questions are:
Is Water Charged To Me Or The Tenant?

If your premises is individually metered, your tenants pay the cost
of water consumption. You will still be responsible for the costs of providing the water service. This will be addressed and agreed to
in the leasing agreement.

What If My Tenant Breaks Their Lease?

In Queensland, tenants are responsible for paying the rent and
maintaining the property until a new tenant is found, or the lease term is up. Our obligation is to secure new, high quality tenants quickly. There are no costs incurred by you in the transition of
tenants under a Break Lease agreement.

Pets: Should I Allow Them?

It’s personal choice. Allowing pets gives you a greater pool of tenants to choose from, many of whom are wonderful, responsible pet owners. Many pets these days come with their own references. Pet owners are made fully aware of their responsibilities which are also set out in the terms & conditions of their Lease agreement.

Should I Rent My Property Furnished Or Unfurnished?

This is always a personal choice and the demand for a furnished
property is governed by the market at any given time. A couple
of points to note: Your landlord insurance would need to be
amended to reflect the appropriate cover required and also, should the items break or cease working due to age or wear and tear, you are responsible for the cost of replacement 

Can I View My Property During The Lease Duration?

The simple answer is yes! However please note that we are required under legislation to provide the appropriate notice period, namely a minimum of 7 days.

Will I Always Be Able To Contact My Property Manager

Yes, you will be able to contact your property manager via email, office and mobile phone. We make communication
our priority but also have procedures in place to document all communications

What If I Want To Move Back In?

We understand that this may happen and yes, you are able to move back into your property but with appropriate written notice of your intentions, taking into account the current lease expiry
date and the requirement under the Act to allow sufficient time to finalise the vacate process.



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