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New legislation coming into effect in 2023

In planning for the changes in 2023, we provide here some of the new changes.

Keeping of Pets

  • A lessor must respond to a tenant request for a pet within 14 days
  • If the lessor does not respond it is taken that the pet is approved

Grounds for refusal of a pet:-

  • Keeping the pet would exceed a reasonable number of animals being kept at the premises
  • The premises are unsuitable for keeping pets because of lack of appropriate fencing, open space or another thing necessary to humanely accommodate the pet
  • Keeping the pet is likely to cause damage to the premises or inclusions that could not practicably be repaired for a cost that is less than the amount of the rental bond for the premises
  • Keeping the pet would pose an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of a person including for example, because ethe pet is venomous
  • Keeping the pet would contravene a law
  • Keeping the pet would contravene a body corporate by law applying to the premises
  • The tenant has not agreed to the reasonable conditions proposed by the lessor for approval to keep the pet – for example the pet must be housed outside in its own shelter.
  • The animal stated in the request is not a pet

(The above does not apply if the dog is a what is classified as a working dog – an assistance dog, hearing dog, police or corrections dog)

Emergency repairs

  • The emergency repair limit has now been changed from two weeks rent to four weeks rent value

Minimum housing standards

  1. Weatherproof and structurally sound
  • Premises must be weatherproof, structurally sound and in good repair
  • Premises are not weatherproof if the roofing or windows of the premises do not prevent water entering the premises when ti rains
  • Without limiting subsection (1), premises are not structurally sound if –

-A floor, wall, ceiling or roof is likely to collapse because of rot or a defect or

-A deck or stairs are likely to collapse because of rot or a defect

-A floor, wall or ceiling or other supporting structure is affected by significant dampness

-The condition of the premises is likely to cause damage to an occupants personal property

  1. Fixtures and fittings
  • The fixtures and fittings, including electrical appliances must be
  • In good repair
  • Not likely to cause injury to a person through the ordinary use of the fixtures and fittings
  1. Locks on windows and doors
  • Premises let or to be let under a residential tenancy agreement must have a functioning lock or latch fitted to all external windows and doors to secure the premises against unauthorised entry
  • The above requirement only applies to the windows and doors that a person outside the premises can access without having to use a ladder
  1. Vermin, damp and mould
  • Premise must be free of vermin, damp and mould. Does not apply if vermin, damp or mould is caused by a tenant
  1. Privacy
  • Premises must have privacy coverings for windows in all rooms in which a tenant is reasonably to expect privacy including for example bedrooms.
  • Privacy coverings for windows include any of the following:-
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Tinting
  • Glass frosting
  • Does not apply to a window of a room if a line of sight between a person outside the premises and a person inside the room is obstructed by a fence, hedge, tree or other feature of the property
  1. Plumbing and drainage
  • Premises must
  • Have adequate plumbing and drainage for the number of persons occupying the premises
  • Be connected to a water supply service of other infrastructure that supplies hot and cold water suitable for drinking
  1. Bathroom and Toilets
  • The bathroom and toilet facilities at premises must provide the user with privacy
  • Each toilet must function as designed including flushing and refilling and must be connected to a sewer, septic system or other waste disposal system
  1. Kitchen
  • Must include a functioning cooktop
  1. Laundry
  • If included must include the fixtures required to provide a functional laundry other than whitegoods



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