Our Systems

Instant rental payments

Landlords normally receive the rent from their tenants either mid or end of month. With our instant disbursements, this means you will receive the rent immediately and, as the tenants in Queensland generally pay weekly, this will ensure four payments per month into your account (dependant on the rent being received from the tenant), thereby reducing the interest accrual on your mortgage account. A great system that allows you to pay your mortgage off faster.

Online Portal

Have access to viewing your investment property details 24/7 by using our online portal. The portal shows you photos, routine inspection reports, invoices, statements and also, where your tenant is paid up until in real time. At tax time, pass your code to your accountant and he can do your tax return from this portal.

There’s even an App!

Access the above details on your smartphone via the App and also receive text messages advising when you have received a payment into your bank account.

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